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My story

About two and a half years ago, I had gone through a tremendous amount of both personal and professional stress and the result of that was that I wasn’t able to focus for as long as five minutes.

I wasn’t able to make the simplest decision or even to perform everyday tasks. Picture me curled up in the corner of my room, rocking back and forth, and crying in despair because it seemed that I had lost the one thing I always had always been most proud of - my logical, analytical mind. I had to quit my job causing me all that stress, and I was looking for a new one. Without luck - the anxiety was too overwhelming to be able to get anything done.

After being for a few days in that state, I finally decided to take action. I actually saw a private psychiatrist and my GP. Now, the latter was very unfortunate because he did what all GPs in the UK do when they hear the word anxiety or depression: they prescribe you something called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or in short SSRI.

Three weeks later I found myself taking Ritalin, essentially a dopamine-booster prescribed for ADHD, and an SSRI, called Sertraline. I was also given something to take occasionally, just in case I had another anxiety attack. I am sure many of you are well familiar with that one - Diazepam.

Even back then it was almost laughable - I had the full spectrum of prescription drugs at home. They did seem to work: I did get another job, I even got a massive increase to my salary, I got a life again, and everything seemed to be great.

Fast forward 6 months, I thought to myself: there’s got to be another way. It couldn't be that I needed to spend the rest of my life taking all those pills. I called them "life support" at the time. Plus I never wanted to settle for just another job in the first place, it wasn't my dream I was living, but what was it that even wanted to do? I'd let life get in the way, to a point where I had forgotten what I valued or what made me truly happy. I had a vague idea I wanted to help others in one way or another.

So I searched and trusted my insticts. I found a practitioner who works with a method to resolve emotional blocks, called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, a technique I also now use as part of my practice to resolve emotional blocks that prevent you from moving forward.
It was incredibly expensive to see him, however my intuition said it was the leap of faith I need to take at the time and it turned out to be right. Within just a few weeks, I felt an incredible difference: we had identified a life event that was causing me to be anxious, overemotional and sad most of the time, and we worked with that over the next couple of sessions - within that time I started feeling more and more like myself, I started to feel like I used to feel in my late teens or even as a child, dreaming of the things I used to dream about before I had let life get in the way.

Two years later, and an great amount of thorough research into breakthrough therapies and coaching such as EFT and other similar techniques, I am now a wellbeing therapist and coach. The reason EFT or similar techniques are so effective is that they actually clear emotional blocks in our nervous system rather than just talking about emotions and past events. Seeing what it did for me in such a short period of time, I started using it myself to see what else I can dig out from my past that needs resolving, as well as observing and changing the language I use when speaking to myself and others. The latter is part of another incredibly powerful technique, called neuro-linguistic programming or NLP which along with a better understanding of neuroscience has helped me get to know myself and others and why we act the way we act ot feel the emotions we feel. Language makes all the difference in the world with respect to how you feel and what actions you take on a daily basis.

So does your intuition tell you that this right for you? If so, then I'd be honoured to serve you, so please leave me a message using the form below. I will be in touch with you straight away. Otherwise I wish you best of luck to find what is right for you on your journey to happiness and success!


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