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Are you a person who seeks results? Then you've come to the right place.

Understand what's holding you back. Resolve baggage you carry from your past. Move forward and achieve more in life.

Understand. Resolve. Achieve. ​​​​​​​

Let's first imagine

Imagine yourself walking with an elastic band tied around your waist. The other end of the band is tied to a big wooden post. The post is heavy, and firmly stuck in the ground. You keep walking forward, in fact you even run sometimes. For as long as the elastic band can stretch, you barely even notice it. And then all of a sudden, it pulls you back.
The post represents your past negative experiences, and the elastic band is the emotions you attach to them.

Now imagine cutting the elastic band and setting yourself free...


  • You're driven, smart and good at anything you really set your mind to.
  • You are stressed with your daily routine, and overreact to people especially those closest to you,
  • You are feeling anxious some or all of the time, and maybe even a little depressed from time to time,
  • You are exhasuted by everyone else's expectations,
  • You are looking for therapy or coaching because you want to RESOLVE whatever is keeping you stuck in the same cycle and want to see tangible RESULTS as fast as possible.


  • I am a wellbeing therapist and coach with a background in software consulting and a passion for dance and performing arts.
  • I am also a social entrepreneur with a passion to help as many people as I can to resolve their mental and emotional health challenges. That's why I have created a team of wellbeing practitioners who can work with you to the highest standards of service.
  • I used to have all the challenges mentioned above: I've (self-) medicated for things like anxiety, ADHD (i.e. chronic boredom), and even mild depression in the past.
  • Then I realized that there are two things that fullfill me: helping others, and creativity expressed through performing arts. Now I am also training to be an actor in film & TV.

How can I help?

Overcoming mood swings and depressive states of mind
Being able to take care of yourself and say "no" to those who constantly demand your attention.
Coping with stress, anxiety or depression wihtout medication
Having relationships that empower you rather than create more stress in your life
Managing anxiety, overwhelming emotions and fears
Creating a more empowering future and waking up excited for the day ahead, every day

My approach: 

Integrating neuroscience - modern psychology - mindset

1. Understand: 
An initial breakthrough session to understand what are the most urgent things to resolve 

In the first breakthrough session, we would talk about the challenges you are currently facing, and what is really causing them. I like to focus on the neurobiological reason of why we do the things we do. So if you are believer in science, then it is the right place for you. 

2 Resolve:
Resolving blocks based on past experiences and enabling you to move forward happier and a faster pace

Our emotional brain always wins in the end. Hence, emotional blocks, i.e. baggage you carry from your past need to be dealt with and resolved first. ​​​​​​​

Read more on the approaches I work with to resolve emotional challenges here:


3 Achieve: 
Creating a mindset for success and preventing further emotional setbacks

Now you can start setting up your mind for further success. At the end of each sessions focused on emotional breakthrough, and especially in the very last session, I wll give you the tools to create a mindset for building a future on your terms and deal with emotional situations in the future.

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